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Taiwan's Premier Health Brand Unveils Best Quality Pineapple Enzyme for Digestive Health
By: PR Newswire Association LLC. - 20 Sep 2023Back to overview list

NISORO HEALTH introduces high-quality Pineapple Enzyme, a digestive elixir blending Taiwan's pineapples and LJ88 probiotics. It enhances digestion, promotes gut health, and is suitable for all ages.

TAIPEI, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan is renowned for its exceptional products, and NISORO proudly introduces Pineapple Enzyme, an extraordinary fusion of pineapple fruit and probiotic fermentation. Pineapple Enzyme is a nutritional elixir that contains pectin, minerals, organic acids, trace elements, and various amino acids. It is designed to support metabolism, maintain digestive functions, and promote smooth bowel movements, making it a suitable option even for expectant mothers.

The upgraded Pineapple Enzyme features Japanese-patented LJ88 probiotics and incorporates five comprehensive digestive enzymes for breaking down carbohydrates, fats, lactose, fiber, and proteins. It effectively addresses your discomfort, taking care of your gut and stomach. With benefits including smoother bowel movements, improved overall well-being, enhanced digestion, and convenient portability, Pineapple Enzyme has it all!

Key Benefits:

  1. Improved Protein Digestion: Pineapple Enzyme aids in cases of protein digestion issues, post-intensive workouts, or muscle inflammation, offering quick relief and noticeable results.

  2. Effective Digestive Aid: It's a go-to solution for discomfort after rich, oily meals, indigestion, and bloating, often providing relief in as little as 10 minutes, outperforming conventional antacids.

  3. LJ88 Lactic Acid Bacteria: The addition of LJ88 patented probiotics from Japan combats Helicobacter pylori, balances gut microbiota, prevents harmful bacterial overgrowth, and safeguards against gastric inflammation.

Pineapple Enzyme is now available to enhance your digestive health. It is an essential addition to your dietary regimen, especially when indulging in rich meals or when traveling.

"Our dedication to promoting health and well-being is at the heart of everything we do," said Jack, CEO at H-Fresh International. "We believe that the power of Taiwan's pineapples, combined with our commitment to quality and simplicity, will bring a positive change to the lives of individuals seeking digestive relief."

Nisoro Health is now looking for distributors or agents, please contact us if you are interested in being our partner.


H-FRESH INTERNATIONAL was founded in 2015 and has spanned different fields like diet, exercise, clothing, and conveying the concept of health to complete a one-stop service center. In 2021, we officially become Asia's most complete health recovery group by connecting all kinds of health-related services. In the future, we aim to add a team of physicians to the group and open clinics. The purpose is to help everyone find a solution that leads to a healthier lifestyle.

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